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have numerous must disdain to descendant to enchant before the sugar coat bubble plays.
Someone says China the country Long De's totem will let western person abhorrence and frightened, suggest to change into a double a head dog, someone makes use of he or she privilege, rush about for foreign business enterprise encroaching upon China people's blood and sweat but before the saddle Ma Hou getting.Still have already allowed much more this kind of loses dignity and bone shameless lout.
But, China civilization several thousand year immortalization, generation generation get torch tradition, it are so straight waist planks to stand to always have a group of persons.
Is them, the crest has the China is in the history grow river slowly ex- may be done back.
If show leniency, that is to must not respect to the opponent.
BE standing up like a forest another time to rush toward to come over in luck to wait, leaf autumn also the one punch bomb.
Three heavy strength, deal with to stand up like a forest this kind of Class the opponent completely have no necessity use to come out extremely to recruit.
Stand up like a forest body if float in the sky willow catkins, lightly float outside fly over there to the match field.
Only while falling to the ground, just send out layer after layer get sound.
Stand up like a forest to also think uprising, lifted to lift body, finally don't can be fulfill a wish.
It is alas.
Very heavily sighed tone, the arms and legs was even to lie sleep on the ground, a move don't want as well.
Lose.Lose admire sincerely to take orally.
Medical personnel's standing up like a forest after musting in brief tie up and cure is lain to go out after base.Send to bureau chief Li, they open to come over car up, is stand up like a forest to send to Lin Jia by bureau chief Li.
Bureau chief Li's getting bodies is slightly trembling and talk is also flustered and frustrated.
The task failure stands up like a forest and is beaten so, afraid oneself this time is really must doom.
This leaf autumn, have no brain leaf autumn.Lin Jia is that you can ask for?
Stupid pig.
Bureau chief Li annoys snort and stare in anger Jing, very anxious to the autumn pointing at a leaf denounce openly.
Just he doesn't dare.
The autumn of the leaf but the China country guardant's merit badge get gainer, does oneself still have to salute toward the somebody else on his/her own initiative just before walking.
The autumn of the leaf and river Yan is purple to send to walk brave Guo's bureau chief Li's a group of people, while returning to an underground base violet squad get the person is self-moving to summon up Zhang, be like greet to return in triumph but return hero.
"Ha ha, thank.Many thanks to the brotherses get love and esteem.Hereafter exchange blows with everyone, I promise that not and intentionally beating again is swollen you get face"leaf the autumn smile an arch hand.
The autumn that river Yan was purple to sweep a leaf is one eye, suddenly shout a way:"Gather."
The violet squad gets more than ten member of team a burst of flurried, then quickly must stand according to Gao Ai Ge 1 row.
The river Yan purple station gets opposite at them, the view gets member of team from the violet squad face up once swept one by one.Leaf's autumn, crazy dog, crazy, camel, spider.This is unwilling them!
"I am walking."River Yan is purple icy to say.Although she must disguise intentionally, leaf the autumn still listen to appear, she gets there is one silk tremolo in the voice.
Since don't want to walk, again why the need for?The autumn of the leaf in a soft voice sighs.
"The autumn of the leaf will be a violet squad to lately get captain, you select by yourselves to get captain."The river Yan purple Yang voice says.
River Yan is purple to is a qualified captain, even if she at ordinary times always the plank wear Zhang Lian, silent few speech, seldom communicate and communicate with member of team.But she conceals under the apathetic facial expression to the member of team's concern and offers to the violet squad the whole of the spirit still let she wins of supporting of all member of team and support.
Before purple river Yan adjusts to walk, she is the captain of violet squad forever, the core existence of the violet squad.Even if the leaf autumn expresses to rob an eye again, also just be approved for 2 people just, but no one feels that he should compare captain to have existent value more.
For her leave, the members of violet squad all really don't give up.Can to these special kind soldiers, not giving up will stay in the heart bottom, but can't express.
The autumn of the leaf will take office violet squad next captain, this is regarded as the happy matter son of a value to the membealso r of violet squad.If don't stand up like a forest of horizontal put one feet, everyone feels that leaf's taking office captain for autumn is a naturally of,

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